Purchasing a puppy is a lifetime commitment. Each puppy from our kennels is a responsibility that
never ends. Therefore I will only sell to homes that agree to the following:

If the dog cannot be kept it should be returned to me. If you have another home in mind for the dog, the
new owners must be approved by us prior to placement. New buyers must sign our agreement prior to

The dog must receive all annual inoculations, worm medicine, etc. The dog must receive any necessary
veterinary treatment, whether for accident or illness, routine or emergency.

All buyers must sign a purchase agreement prior to the release of the puppy or the pups AKC papers.

All puppies must have the prefix Stirling Bridge  in the registered name.

Puppies sold for a "pet" price means that you will spay or neuter the dog and that it will be Limited
Registered with the AKC. ANY Deposit on ANY Litter is NON REFUNDABLE but Transferable 

Buyers that are purchasing a show/performance puppy with Full AKC registration will have to sign our
Show/Performance Addendum in addition to our standard Purchasers Contract.



Below is our contract









PUPS' SEX AND DOB: __________ ___________ AKC Litter Number:_pending__________
SIRE:             DAM:



(limited puppies m and must be spayed/neutered by one year of age) Purchaser agrees by signing this contract that this dog will not be bred.


1) You must carry the full kennel name of the breeder, "Stirling Bridge", on all registration papers of the dog purchased. At no time shall the breeder's kennel name be left off, excluded, abbreviated, changed or altered in any way. The breeder's kennel name shall be used at all times, even when registering through other registries.
2) Complete and maintain a veterinarian recommended series of vaccination throughout the dogs entire lifetime.
3) Feed the dog only the highest quality food available in pet food specialty stores, avoiding all grocery store brands.
4) Provide proper grooming, nail trimming, parasite control and heartworm preventative, regular medical check-ups as well as maintain the animal within the home as a part of the family. At no time shall it be left outdoors on a chain, caged or kenneled outdoors/indoors for excessive periods of time, and in no way retained in small quarters. The only exception to this is crate training for the purpose of housebreaking, or retaining in a crate while owner is a way to ensure pup/dog doesn't get hurt while unsupervised.
5) Transport the animal in a safe and responsible manner, never allowing it to ride in an unenclosed area, such as the bed of a truck, without proper safety equipment/restraints to ensure the dog could in no way be endangered.
6) (8 weeks to 4 months) Keep the pup/dog off of slippery floors and surfaces, especially in winter. At no time shall the purchaser allow the dog to jump from stairs, chairs, other furniture, etc. Doing such can cause injury to the joints, cartilage, hips, bones and tendons. This is especially important in young dogs as such activity can cause significant injury, as the bones/joints are soft and more prone to injury.
7) From date of purchase forward, this dog may not be transferred, leased, sold, nor given away to another person without the explicit written consent of the breeder/seller. The breeder/seller reserves the right to receive the dog back if at any time the owner decides they cannot or do not want to keep it. This clause is called the first right of refusal. In addition, at no point in this dogs life shall it ever be sacrificed to a rescue, animal shelter, animal control, sold or given to an auction, sold or given away to a research facility or put in the ownership of anyone/anything except the original purchaser or the breeder/seller. This dog is considered the property of the breeder/seller if at any time the owner does not want it, or at any point it is found the dog has left the ownership of the original purchaser without written verification to do so by the breeder. Should this animal ever end up in the ownership of anyone/thing named above, the breeder/seller has legal right, by signature on this contract, to repossess the animal, and any costs involved in doing so will be charged to the owner/purchaser, as responsibility to cover these costs will be the responsibility of the owner/purchaser due to violation of this clause/contract.
8) Understand & comply with all issues in this signed contract, and be informed that all health guarantees are in no way transferable to any other parties. Guarantees are only available and valid to the original purchaser and only if the dog resides with them and is still in that persons possession/ownership during the guarantee period.
9) This dog should never be abused, neglected or abandoned in any way. Should this occur, the proper authorities will be notified, and breeder will then seize ownership of the dog. This clause in the contract gives the breeder the right to repossess the dog without prior notice to the owner/purchaser and without compensation for such an act being engaged in. In addition, this dog is never to be housed as a "Backyard Dog", in which the dog is denied the ability to be a family pet.
10) The seller/breeder reserves the right to check on the terms of this agreement at any time, and without prior notification to the owner/purchaser. If dog is found abused or neglected, and proof to substantiate claim is found, the dog will be repossessed immediately without compensation.
11) Understand that the seller cannot and will not guarantee that any dog at full maturity will or will not attain a certain size, a certain look, a certain attitude, nor any other aspect besides the health coverage that is outlined in your health warranty. The breeder cannot guarantee the showability of any dog, nor the morphology (breedability) of any dog, or the ability to free whelp if a female. The reproduction of any dog is so complex that the seller/breeder cannot predict or guarantee future breeding potential. All puppies are assessed at an appropriate age but we cannot guarantee quality as an adult. What traits they display at that time cannot be guaranteed to still remain once it is an adult dog. No compensation will be given on any dog the owner feels has not lived up to his/her personal expectations.
12) It is the new owners responsibility to schedule a vet exam for the new puppy that will be conducted within 72 hours (3 days) of taking ownership. This 72 hour period does not count if one of those days lands on Sunday, as most vet clinics are closed on Sundays. This visit must be performed within the first 72 hours. If this puppy is found to have a crippling health concern, or contagious puppy disease at the time of first visit, buyer must contact us immediately. Contagious puppy diseases include parvo, distemper, corona, parainfluenza. If pup is found to have one of these conditions, and they do not wish to keep the pup, buyer can return the pup to Peachy Keen for a full refund or another puppy, at the discretion/decision of the breeder. Seller/breeder is in no way responsible for vet bills incurred, which is why we need to be contacted immediately if there is a life threatening issue. Parasites are not covered under this clause (see below).
13) This animal must be kept away from public pet parks, pet stores and other places where animals (wild or domestic) frequent, at least until the full series of puppy shots is complete at approximately 4 months old. This is to help prevent your puppy from picking up an array of diseases from viruses, bacterias and funguses, even intestinal or coat parasites & etc.
14) The breeder cannot be responsible for, and does not cover any diseases, pathogens or conditions the dog may experience in it's lifetime, consisting of, but not limited to:

Bacterial infections, viral infections, fungal infections, intestinal parasites, coat afflictions and skin/coat parasites/problems, and/or protozoan infestations, parvo, distemper (after 72 hour window) giardia, coccidia, ringworm, as well as any and all zoonotic or parasitic afflictions. We do not give guarantees for cancers as the environmental factors can be so vast in this day and age. We make sure all of our pups leave with the proper innoculations and worming protocols being performed, however, the level of immunity to disease cannot be known, as well as worming medications do not always kill all worms (worming pups tends to be an ongoing process for several months). These are ongoing processes that the new owner must continue with their own veterinarian once the puppy is in their ownership. This is to insure optimum health of the puppy.
15) It is required that all puppies are microchipped and that proof of microchipping is sent to the breeder PRIOR to the puppy attaining 7 (seven) months of age. This is to insure that should this dog ever become separated from it's family, it stands a good chance of being reunited with them. If the microchipping is not done and proof is not sent to the breeder before the dog turns 7 months old, any remaining guarantee on the dog will be voided. No time extensions are allowed for this requirement, as 7 mos of age is ample time to have this performed.
16) During ownership of this dog, the breeder/seller is not responsible for conditions caused by abuse, neglect, accidental or unknown/unexplained death.
17) The breeder/seller is not responsible for any actions of this dog once it is out of their control, as all responsibility for the dogs actions through it's lifetime is solely that of the new owner, from date of ownership forward.
18) (Limited reg only)Any dog sold as a pet MUST be spayed/neutered by 1 year of age and no later. Should the dog not be fixed by the one year of age any further health warranty on the dog from there on out is null and void.
19) Understand that we are entrusting you with this precious canine life and expect the dog is kept safe and out of harms way.

1) The buyer will have the dog seen by a licensed veterinarian within 72 hours of taking possession, having the dog examined for health and soundness.
2) If such veterinarian deems this puppy to be in serious, life threatening health, with a letter on vet clinic letterhead, signed by the examining vet, a full refund (less shipping charges both ways) will be given. Minor afflictions commonly seen in puppies, such as intestinal parasites, umbilical hernias or stress diarrhea are not included.
3) No replacement puppy will be given on any puppy who dies or is permanently damaged due to any adverse reaction caused by the administration of any type of treatment, vaccine, medication or etc by the buyer or the buyers veterinarian. Any problems resulting from improper care, improper supervision, improper feeding, improper housing or any type of problem or condition caused by mistake or on purpose that causes a negative affect to the puppy, nullifies replacement puppy.
4) During the first 72 hours of ownership, should the new owner decide the dog is just not for him/her, a refund will be given, less the a nuisance fee of $200. (NA for replacement pup or pup sold for $0)
5) Shipping charges to originally send the dog, as well as the shipping costs to send the puppy back to the breeder, are the responsibility of the purchaser and are non-refundable.
6) Once puppy is returned to breeders ownership, the puppy will be seen by the breeders veterinarian. Provided the dog is in the same health as it was when sent to the purchaser (a 14 day quarantine will be done), as well as physically receiving the pups registration papers back being unaltered, undamaged and unwritten on, a refund will be given (less $200 nuisance fee). Should new papers have to be applied for due to being damaged/altered/written on, the charge for such will be subtracted from the refund amount. (NA for replacement pup or pup/dog sold for $0)
7) If after the 72 hour period the purchaser has a change of heart about the dog, it will be accepted back by the breeder, but no refund of any kind will be given.
8) SHIPMENT CLAUSE: Let it be noted that should weather conditions hinder or postpone the shipment of any puppy, the purchaser agrees to wait until conditions are favorable in which to ship puppy out, or the purchaser may make other plans to receive puppy, such as driving to us or arranging for another party to pick up the puppy for them. No refund will be given on any dog that cannot be sent due to weather interference. This is out of the breeders control. However, the breeder agrees to make every attempt to find a shipment out for the dog that is safe and will jump at the first opportunity to do so. Your cooperation during the very hot summer months and the very cold winter months is greatly appreciated and is all in the best interest of your new puppy.

Your newly purchased puppy is under a genetic defect guarantee for crippling, life threatening afflictions. This guarantee gives you a replacement puppy, should the originally purchased puppy be found to have a crippling or life threatening affliction. These afflictions include hip dysplasia, genetic epilepsy, collie eye anomaly, CL and TNS.

Breakdown of Guarantee:
1) A replacement puppy is deemed to be a puppy of equal monetary value. Sex of replacement puppy cannot and will not be guaranteed. Choice of replacement puppy will be at the sole discretion of the breeder based on temperament needed for the family. The breeder will offer a credit to the owner of the defective dog in the amount paid for the dog, toward the purchase of another puppy. No cash refunds/reimbursements of any kind are given. All proof of crippling or life threatening defects required by breeder must be submitted and received within the guarantee period prior to the dog being 26 months of age.
It is the owners responsibility to make sure all requirements to receive a replacement puppy are received no later than the date of the defective dogs 26 month birthday, as no exceptions will be made for replacing any dog for any reason if any paperwork required is received at any point after the dog is 26 months old. This is non-negotiable. No compensation of any kind will be considered past the expiration date of the warranty.
2) The breeder is allowed up to 1 1/2 years from the date of all required proof of defect being received, to produce a replacement puppy however every effort will be made to provide one sooner if there is a litter available .
3) In order to redeem guarantee, the defective dog must receive appropriate testing and legible copies of official results/reports received back must be submitted to the breeder.

In detail below, it is outlined as to what your guarantee covers and what is required of you in order to redeem such guarantee:
HIPS: We will provide a replacement pup for dogs that are found to have hip dysplasia. Testing must be confirmed by OFA and sent to us. Non passing ratings only, Fair ratings are considered passing and do not apply for a replacement.

EYES: Your puppy is guaranteed to be clear from CEA (collie eye anomaly) and PRA. You must provide documents from CERF (Canine Eye Registry Foundation) if it is found to have one of these issues. Carriers do not count for replacement, as they are not themselves affected. Only affected dogs would deem replacement.

TNS/CL: Documentation for these problems would have to be through Optigen and sent to us. Carriers do not count for replacement, as they are not themselves affected. Only affected dogs would deem replacement.

Epilepsy: There is no genetic marking for epilepsy and can be caused by many things. In the event of seizure, it is important to have blood drawn as quickly as possible once the seizure is over. Epilepsy can be caused by many things, including environmental issues. If you dog ever has a seizure it is important for you to contact us. If we find additional problems in the line we will offer the same replacement puppy guarantee. We would never breed a line with known epilepsy problems, since it is a polygenic gene and can be passed to many future generations. Veterinarian documentation of epilepsy and bloodwork must be forwarded to us. Epilepsy must be handled on a case to case basis, since many times it is very hard to determine whether it is genetic or environmental.

4) We do not cover or guarantee any issues that are out of our control, or could possibly be the result of environment, poor care or other issues . They include, but are not limited to: Size, temperament issues, surgical/corrective procedures, allergic reactions, sensitivities or skin/coat problems of any sort, any type of mite infestation, intelligence, trainability, appetite, any growth/joint problems, side effects from anything administered to or accidentally ingested, inhaled or absorbed through the skin of the dog, food intolerances or sensitivities, pano (growing pains), death of a dog not proven to be genetically linked, cancers, digestive disturbances or problems, dogs not meeting the standard at adulthood or any other problem not substantiated to be a life threatening or crippling genetic defect with solid proof being presented.
Some problems listed are not covered due to the variables in treatment options, as not every vet treats a dog in the same medical manner, and this can mean the difference in success or failure, particularly with coat & skin afflictions.
6) If during the first 26 month of the dogs life, a genetic defect that is covered is discovered, once all proof of testing to substantiate such defect is submitted to the breeder the dog will be replaced with another pup of equal monetary value as soon as the breeder is able to do so. This may take as long as 1 1/2 years. If the owner opts to return the dog, registration papers must accompany the dog. If at any time the breeder offers a puppy available and owner of defective dog turns it down for any reason, the seller is then no longer indebted to offer any future replacement puppy from that point on, and the owner of the defective dog forfeits their right to future replacement puppy.
8) REQUIREMENT: Any dog subject to replacement must not have ever been used for breeding, whether the dog produced a litter or not. Any dog who has been used for breeding, or the attempt has been made, is not subject to any replacement of any kind.
9) Before a replacement pup is given, the defective dog must be made available to the breeder's vet of choice for examination or autopsy if there is doubt about the diagnosis. If the owner of defective dog refuses to make the dog available for such, they willingly forfeit any benefits of the guarantee, deeming any future replacement puppy null and void.
10) Defective dogs ARE NOT required to be given back to breeder in order to get a replacement, however, any defective dog that is willingly surrendered will be accepted back by the breeder.
11) In addition to receiving test reports on defective dog, it is also required that defective dog is fixed (if not already done so by contract or if dog was sold on full registration) and proof of spay/neuter is mailed to breeder, as well as all registration papers are also to be mailed back and signed over to the breeders name. This must occur prior to any replacement being considered.
12) No guessing, assuming or opinion of any general veterinarian will be accepted as valid proof of any defect. This is non-negotiable. Defects must be proven by performing and submitting tests to the proper associations that are considered authorities in assessing and certifying dogs for such defects.
13) Upon the findings of this specialist, an official letter on the letterhead of the specialists clinic (with address & phone number), stating the affliction in detail, along with his original signature on the letter, must be mailed off to the breeder as well as any x-rays, lab results or etc. These items will be reviewed and if all is in order, this will fulfill the requirement for providing proof of defect.
14) Only if necessary or if conflicting information provides the inability to come to a conclusion regarding the dogs defect, a second opinion from another veterinarian may be required.
15) Be aware that in order to make the requirement valid for replacement, you must follow the requirements set forth of testing and then following up with submitting for an official report, and then submitting that to the breeder. We cannot and will not take into consideration the opinion of a general veterinarian, nor will we make an assessment on our own from sets of x-rays or lab reports sent to us without reports from OFA, Penn Hip, CERF or that of a veterinary specialist who personally examined the dog, accompanying it.
16) Per this contract, the seller is legally relinquished from covering any costs back to buyer incurred from vet visits, surgery, wages lost from time off work, intended future monetary potential expected from the dog or the sale of it's future puppies. or any other costs involved, incurred or implied.
17) The seller is obligated only to give a replacement pup or a credit in the amount of the originally purchased dog toward the purchase of a second dog, and only once all requirements are met by the buyer/owner per this contract. It is up to the discretion of the breeder, depending on severity or circumstances, whether a full replacement will be given on dog, or whether a partial credit toward the purchase of another dog will be given. This is done on a case by case basis. Puppies placed in a home for the value of $0 will not receive a replacement puppy, unless at the time the breeder is willing to offer another puppy to the owner. This is up to the breeder and handled on a case to case basis.
18) Replacement will not be given for any conditions due to any other cause than genetics (CEA/PRA/Hips/CL/TNS and certain proven cases of epilepsy only), and we will not even consider replacing a dog who appears to have been abused or neglected.
19) Defective dogs are not to be euthanized unless given written consent to do so by the breeder beforehand. The only exception to this is if the dog is in extreme pain or severely injured and is euthanized as a means in which to not prolong it's suffering. This is acceptable without the breeders permission. If any dog is euthanized for any other reason without the breeders consent, the dogs owner forfeits any right to compensation. This is non-negotiable.

20) If papers are not available at the time of sale, seller promises to forward AKC registration papers to the new owner as soon as they are received.

1) We strive to satisfy our clients and come to agreements that are fair and satisfy both breeder and dog owner. However, sometimes it is not always possible to come to a mutual agreement without the assistance of a courtroom judge.
2) It agreed upon by both parties that should litigation regarding any matter of this dog/contract become necessary, all litigation issues, court hearings, matters and proceedings regarding this contract & dog will be dealt with only in the Ohio State court system in the county in which the breeder/seller resides, as state of sale of this animal, by this signed contract, has taken place in Ohio, USA.










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